Landmark Oakura 758X

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You can stay off the beaten track for much longer in the Oakura 758x model. Fitted out to keep you self-contained for up to 10 days, with everything you need to hit the road



The Share

 1/4 shares available in a brand new, top of the range Oakura 758X TrailLite.

A share is a fantastic alternative if you’re sick of hiring out someone else’s motorhome, or are too busy to justify owning your own. 

Our walk on, walk off shares are all about making motorhome ownership easy.  We take care of the cleaning after every trip plus storage, servicing, maintenance, insurance, management, and some provisions. Every thing from fresh linen to quality cutlery is supplied at your convenience, simply jump in and begin your journey. 

We’ll even deliver your motorhome directly to you when you’re ready for an adventure, and pick it up again at the end.

We have an easy to use online booking system where you can book extended trips, with flexibility available to trade or purchase more days. We also provide easy, safe Auckland based storage. To learn more about how the bookings or share system works contact us

The Motorhome

The Oakura 758X is a top of the range, Kiwi built motorhome from our partners at TrailLite. TrailLite motorhomes are a world-class luxury product, built to last and perfect for sharing.

We have packed this model with every conceivable upgrade to ensure you have the best experience possible. It is fully self-contained, is an easy and comfortable rear wheel drive with excellent pulling power and higher load-carrying capacity. 

Inside the Oakura 758X is five-star accommodation with a full-size island bed, slide-out lounge, generous seating area and a modern, fully equipped kitchen. Upgrades include a hydraulic levelling system, upgraded power pack and inverter, slideout BBQ, added storage, upgraded entertainment system, upgrade awning and more.

There’s also the extended 5yr structural warranty, high resale value and our super easy walk on / walk off service.


FRESH WATER 400L ENGINES Iveco 70C21, 153 power (kw), 470 torque (Nm)
SLEEPING CAPACITY 4 EQUIPMENT All available upgrades – talk to us about what that involves


Your Investment

The share price is $109,000 for a 1/4 share. A share entitles you to a minimum of 82 days per annum. Bookings are made through our easy our online booking system. 

Our walk on / walk off service includes:

  • Cleaning and Valeting after use
  • Maintenance and Servicing
  • Insurance
  • Storage
  • Some provisions
  • AA Roadside Assistance
  • Training & Support

Expression of interest

Indicative terms of the proposed offer
Indicative share price $109,000
Number of shares: 1/4 share
An annual use charge and rules relating to the allocation of motorhome use will apply.

The Motorhome Share Company Limited is seeking preliminary indications of interest in respect of an offer of ordinary shares in the capital of a motorhome-owning company. No money is currently being sought, and the shares cannot currently be applied for or acquired under the intended offer. If the offer is made, it will be made in accordance with the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. Indications of interest may be made by emailing simon@themotorhomesharecompany.co.nz  or calling 09 360 2845. No indication of interest will involve an obligation or a commitment to acquire the shares. The company will be formed to purchase the motorhome, and establish a motorhome-owning scheme. Under the proposed offer the company will own the motorhome, and the shareholders will pay an annual use charge and will be entitled to use the motorhome in accordance with the rules of use.

 want to know more?


Call us on 0800 696 7447 or enter your details, along with any questions you may have, and we’ll get back to you.


(You can also pop over to our FAQ and WHY MOTORHOME SHARE pages to find answers to our most frequently asked questions).

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